Concepts Consulting Tallies 100 Percent Success Rate

When it comes to getting a client’s loan approved, few people can match the success rate of Paul Arsenault, owner of Concepts Consulting.

Arsenault has had 100 percent of his clients’ SBA loans approved; and considering the number of loans he packages, that is quite an accomplishment.

In 1999, Concepts Consulting secured loans in excess of $14 Million for its clients, with the largest being $2.5 Million and the average being $600,000.

“We structure the type of loan that makes the most sense for our client, whether it’s conventional, rural development, unconventional,” said Arsenault. “Our specialty is with government guaranty programs and unconventional financing resources.”

This year’s total is about average with $9.5 Million being secured as of September.

“When a bank says ‘no’, that’s when we see the deal,” said Kyle Stevens of the Business Loan Center in Virginia. “Paul’s approval rating is a sign of someone who knows what he’s doing. He’s the conduit for small business owners. By knowing what works and what doesn’t, he can pull together the necessary resources and make it happen.”

Case in point is David Hansen of Hansen Foods in Suttons Bay, Michigan, just north of Traverse City.

Hanson called upon Concepts to assist in the procurement of a loan for the construction of a 15,000 sq. ft. grocery store.

“We approached our local bank about getting a loan and they told us to call Concepts. Our unique situation needed someone with experience. We’ll be opening our second store October 16th” Hanson said.

A lifelong resident of the Upper Peninsula, Arsenault serves clients throughout Michigan and Wisconsin. His services include a full range of business finance consulting services, from structuring corporate buyouts, to reversing negative financial trends.

The bulk of the operation revolves around preparation and submission of financial loan packages.

If you would like information about how Concepts Consulting can assist you, call 906-485-5464.