About Concepts Consulting

Owner, Paul Arsenault

Paul Arsenault is the President and Owner of Concepts Consulting, Inc. He has provided business consulting to small businesses for over 30 years.

Paul has owned, operated, and sold several different businesses including a restaurant, clothing store, video rental stores, mini-storage, and commercial buildings. He is also certified in MAM (Manufacturing Assessment Methodology).

Paul has been awarded both the SBA Financial Services Advocate of the Year for Michigan, and the Regional award for Region V (Midwest).

Over the past several years, Paul has overcome challenges and proven his success with placement of difficult loans, many of which have been possible through partnerships with the Small Business Administration (SBA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and other government agencies via commercial lenders who understand that long-term financing packages enhance the success of small business owners. Unlike many other companies that place loans, Concepts Consulting differentiates itself by assisting companies with all levels of financing needs, thus providing access to capital for all businesses.

Concepts Consulting provides clients with these advantages…

  • Structuring the type of loan that makes the most sense for the client.
  • All types of loans are considered including SBA, USDA, conventional and nontraditional lenders.
  • Thinking out of the box, being creative.
  • Providing long-term financing solutions and continuous counseling long after the financing is complete.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date financial resources database to ensure the client has every available option.

Concepts Consulting works with hard to place loans including…

  • Industry segments that banks tend to consider high-risk such as restaurants, bars, gas stations, and “Mom and Pop” type businesses.
  • Single use properties such as car washes, bowling centers and nurseries.
  • Businesses experiencing one or more financial challenges but have great potential for turnaround trends.
  • Businesses that will benefit with cash flow savings resulting from long-term financing packages.

Concepts is successful for the following reasons…

  • We continually update our knowledge of SBA programs and policy that keeps us on the cutting edge of Guaranty financing.
  • We are respected as the number one SBA loan consultant in our market area as measured with lender feedback.
  • We have developed a niche in our market area as THE Finance Consulting firm for hard-to-place challenging loans.
  • We are committed to our clients and responsive to their needs; our clients’ success is our success.